Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Tribute to Nana

It was 25 years ago today that my grandmother, Diane Kent Currier, lost her long battle with cancer. She is the grandmother that I will never get to know, but will undoubtedly be a part of my life because my mother will talk of her often. Although my grandmother died when my mother was a young girl, she is the greatest influence in her life and the strongest woman my mother will ever know. Today we celebrate the life of this incredible woman I call Nana. We are certain she is with us. Her love fills our hearts.


Patty Peanut Butter said...

Currier, you would have really loved your Nana! And she would be so proud of you! She was a lot of fun....I remember coming over to your mom's house when I was little and playing with that GREAT doll house that she made for your mom. I always thought it was so cool how she actually wallpapered the little rooms. She was always so nice to us and always had a smile on. Your mom looks a lot like her - she was so pretty.
Love, your cousin Patty ;)

Anonymous said...

Your mother would have been sooo proud of you, Coleen. You are a great mother with incredible scrapbooking talents, are extreamly funny and of course berautiful! I think she would be a little sad that you have the Currier butt, and I don't think she would approve of your alter ego, Patsy and her shenanagans
Love, me

Currier Quinn Balent said...

Dear Patty Peanut Butter,
Thank you for your thoughtful words about my mother, Diane. It's nice to know that she isn't forgotten. I secretly played with that dollhouse until I was 13! I loved the 70's carpet and wallpaper. Love you, Coleen

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your thoughful words. It's a huge compliment to say my mother would be proud of me. I know who you are but won't give away your mysterious secret identity, but my alter ego will... Lacroix my sweet Eddie! I love you almost as much as vodka, Patsy