Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bye Bye Bubba

Hello. My name is Currier and I'm a baby big boy now. It's been three days since my last bottle. My mean parents I decided it was best to go cold turkey after a few months of unsuccessful weaning. Arrivederci bottiglia! Oh, how I will miss you so!


Amy said...

Way to go, Currier! Jett just made the switch this week too!

Rob and Becca said...

Congrats Currier. I did notice a big boy sippy when i saw you at the gym the other day!! We did Ruth cold turkey too. It is harder for the first day or so but easier after that than weaning. I am do proud of you Currier!

Swindells said...

Hey Currier,
How are you doing with no bubba. I am very proud of you for throwing them away yourself. Good luck. And not be to mad at your parnets for making you do this because it the right thing to do.

Currier Quinn Balent said...

Way to go Jett! It's a tough transition huh?

Rob & Becca,
It was a few days of hell, but we got through it!

Thanks. Mom and Dad made me throw the bottles away myself. They stored a couple of "emergency" bottles on the top shelf of the cabinet by the sink, but they still haven't had to break them out. I think I've kicked the habit for good!