Saturday, October 28, 2006

My First Emergency Room Visit

Daddy and I were taking our regular Saturday afternoon nap on the couch and I somehow slid off the couch and hit my nose on the corner of the coffee table (Didn't I just post something about not leaving me unattended on the couch anymore!). My parents are absolute amateurs~ Dad had to lay down on the bathroom floor for a few minutes because he felt faint and Mom sobbed all the way to the hospital! I hate to tell them this but this will probably not be my last visit to the emergency room!

My First Injury

Once all the blood was cleaned off my face, my injury turned out to be just a small laceration on the tip of my nose and didn't require any stitches. I was sent home from the hospital with Tylenol and Bacitracin.

I mustered up a smile for my parents sake and the doctors and nurses all said that I am ONE TOUGH COOKIE!

Happy Halloween

I’m a lonely little sweet pea in a pumpkin patch and all I do is cry all day- Boo hoo!


Halloween is not a custom in Italy, so we celebrated Halloween Sigonella style. The Navy base kicked off Autumn Fest last night with Trunk-or-Treat. All the cars lined up on base and the children went trunk to trunk for goodies. I'm too little for candy so my job was to look adorable while my mom and dad handed out candy.

A Bat and a Sweet Pea Crawl into a Bar—

My good buddy Ethan and his mom Amy joined us for Trunk-or-Treat.

Candy Coma

Half way through the evening, I passed out in the trunk of the car amid all this candy. Being so adorable sure is exhausting!

Just When Bruco and Paolo Thought They Were Safe From the Crazy Lady—

Auntie Cheryl-Lee-Ski sends us all Gap outfits—
And so the tormenting continues…

Friday, October 27, 2006

Mommy's Little Devil

Get back ladies~ It's all about me!

Baby Hugh Hefner and The Playboy Bunnies

Living the good life at the Playboy Mansion

Born in 2006 Club

These are my girlfriends, Jadeyn (in pink) and Ella (in green).
Ella's 2006 bodysuit ended up in the trash can after a major blow out--- "_ _ IT HAPPENS!"

Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Future Is So Bright...

I gotta wear shades!

Funny Faces

We are the Balents. The wacky wacky Balents!

Wine Tasting at Murgo

amo il vino!
Last night we had dinner and a wine tasting with some friends at the Murgo Winery.

Una Visita Con i Nostri Amici Italiani

Yesterday afternoon we went to our old neighborhood in Acireale to visit our good friends—Josie, Tony and Nora. They gave me this neat piano/telephone toy and taught me the Italian way to answer the telephone... "Pronto!".

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Five Months Old Today... October 19, 2006

This month I've been rolling over more often so mom can no longer leave me on the couch or changing table unattended. My parents have established a 9 PM bedtime (my dad is in charge of this department!) and I try my best to fall asleep and let them think that they're in control- Ha! I'm getting bigger everyday. My mom's arms are sore (and hopefully getting toned) from holding me because I now weigh 16lbs 12oz.!

My New Toy—A Serious Piece of Equipment!

Learning to play the piano and sing!

Learning to walk!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm Teething!

My front teeth are for biting.
My bottom teeth are for munching.
My pointed teeth are for tearing.
My back teeth are for crunching.
Hooray for teeth!
I'll be on solid food in no time.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Burn Baby Burn Disco Inferno

No- It's not Halloween yet!
This is just some random Tuesday at my house.

Ahh Jeez—this is humiliating!

Somebody please rescue me from these lunatics!