Saturday, October 28, 2006

My First Emergency Room Visit

Daddy and I were taking our regular Saturday afternoon nap on the couch and I somehow slid off the couch and hit my nose on the corner of the coffee table (Didn't I just post something about not leaving me unattended on the couch anymore!). My parents are absolute amateurs~ Dad had to lay down on the bathroom floor for a few minutes because he felt faint and Mom sobbed all the way to the hospital! I hate to tell them this but this will probably not be my last visit to the emergency room!


Anonymous said...

Your parents really love you..!!
And you are damn cute..:)
Three cheers to you for making it out of that emergency room and god forbid another trip there..!!

Mindi said...

Currier, I was happy to hear your first trip to the ER wasn't a Horrible one. Don't worry, your parents will toughen up as the years go by!

Ro said...

I notice in the picture Currier is giving a thumbs up for the Emergency Room visit.

Nicole said...

Uh oh! Happy Halloween everyone :-)