Sunday, October 07, 2007

About That Checkbook

Dear Mom,
Stop wasting your time looking for your checkbook. Come on, it’s been like three months since its disappearance. Seriously, do you really think it’s going to miraculously turn up after all this time? Stop complaining that you have no idea what could have happened to it because I know. I threw it in the trash. You threw a stinky, poopy diaper on top of it and then you immediately took the trash out curbside. So there you have it! Please stop bitching and moaning that you can’t balance your checkbook without the register. IT IS THE YEAR 2007... Do people even use check registers anymore? Order some check balancing software, join the 21st century and shut up already!
Love your darling son,


Kristin Elam said...

I can appreciate this one!

Amy said...

Yes, Jett is always throwing things in our trash can! As long as he doesn't start throwing things down the toilet.....

Anonymous said...

FOUL MOUTH!!! (haha)

Currier Quinn Balent said...

Kristin & Amy,
Yeah, what is up with throwing things in the trash and toilet!? When does this phase end!?

I assume you're referring to "bitching". Sorry if I offended!