Monday, October 29, 2007

How Bout Them Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox won game four by a score of 4-3 winning the 2007 World Series in a four game sweep of the Colorado Rockies.
In Italy, the game didn't come on until 2AM so unfortunately we didn't get to watch the game, but we ran to the computer first thing this morning and joyfully found that the Boston Red Sox rocked!
My parents had to bribe me with a lollipop to get me to show some team spirit by wearing this Boston Red Sox cap. Maybe my refusal to wear the hat means that I'll grow up to be a Yankees fan? Kidding! I really detest "all" hats. I scared you for a second huh?


Rob and Becca said...

Yes Currier; next year try the Yankees, it will fit much nicer. :) Sorry had to say it!

Currier Quinn Balent said...

Rob & Becca, Hey Hey Now... You do know my mom is a member of the Yankee Haters Club!?