Monday, October 29, 2007

I Like Mine With Lots Of Butter

Although Halloween is not a custom in Italy, my Italian babysitter insisted that I stop by her house first on the way to the "Americani Festa" at Sigonella. Bina and Antonio gave me lots of sweets and trapped me in their giant lobster net. After basking in Bina and Antonio's abbracci (hugs) and baci (kisses), I headed to the Navy base for Autumn Fest. The evening started out with Trunk-or-Treat. The cars lined up with trunks full of candy and the ghouls and goblins (and lobsters) went trunk to trunk for goodies. Last year, I was too little to participate in Trunk-or-Treat but this year I was big enough to get a whole plastic pumpkin full of candy.
Come on, did you really think Paolo and Bruco were going to get away without Mom tormenting them this holiday season?...


Anonymous said...

Currier..I really hope that pose isn't a prelude to pictures for playgirl!!

love your friendly photog(Meagan)

Currier Quinn Balent said...

Thanks for taking the picture. I know it's not easy to get a Balent Family portrait! And, so what if I decide to pose for playgirl?! My parents did say I could be anything I wanted to be when I grow up!