Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Our Favorite Gelato

Sometimes after dinner we take a walk to a gelateria for a gelato. Gelato is Italian ice cream and it's one of the many things we will miss about Sicily.
Our favorite flavor is Zuppa Inglese which translates to "English Soup" and we're not sure what the heck that is all about, but it tastes like frozen eggnog with chocolate chips—so divine!


Kerri said...

You should open a Gelato place when you move to the States. Do you remember the one in Downtown NPBT? I used to love that place

Currier Quinn Balent said...

Hi Kerri! My own gelato place!? I already have an ass the size of New Hampshire—I don’t need one the size of Texas! How about updating your blog with some belly shots!
Love and miss you, Coleen

Kerri said...

I will try and update it this weekend. I feel like a duplex!!

The Waggoners said...

OH I SOOOOOOOOOO want some of that!!!!!!!!NOTHING beats it!