Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Festa di Compleanno

The boy who lives upstairs from us, Alessandro, turned three years old today so his parents rented a little hall in Motta for the celebration. There were about 20 kids, snacks, pizza, cake, loud music, 100 balloons and lots of plastic balls= a blast for me and a headache for my parents! This was our first time at an Italian child's birthday party. We were completely surprised that all of the gifts that Alessandro joyfully opened were clothes. We were the only ones to get him a toy... a John Deere tractor. We think he liked the American tradition better!


sognatrice said...

That's interesting about the clothes as gifts; all the kids' parties I've been to here were all toy gifts or the ever-famous busta, of course ;)

Currier Quinn Balent said...

Hey Sognatrice,

Good to know that it was a fluke rather than tradition!