Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ten Years!

Dear Trent,
Could it be that ten years have passed since we stood in the warm Plum Island sand and promised to always love and respect each other come rain or come shine? Is it possible that an entire decade slipped through our fingers? It seems like it was just yesterday and yet we have grown so much in these ten years that it seems like a lifetime ago. In a decade—we called Germany home, we lived the military life, we explored dozens of countries, we got in a lot of debt, we made friends, we lost touch with friends, we worked hard, we finished degrees, we adopted a dog, we missed our families, we lost loved ones, we called Italy home, we lived the civilian life, we worked hard, we got out of debt, we lost a dog, we adopted two more dogs, we missed our families, we traveled to exotic places, we made more friends, we lost some friends, we shared a dream—And now we have this beautiful baby boy who reminds us everyday how lucky we are to have found each other. Thank you for sharing a dream, making that dream come true and giving me ten wonderful years. I look forward to many more decades with you!
Love, Coleen


sognatrice said...


What a great photo :)

Kristin, Nate & Ethan said...

That is so sweet!! Happy 10 years :-)... and the many adventures yet to come!

Kerri said...

Happy ten years - I can't believe it's been that long. I love the picture on the beach.

Do those sunglasses have paint splatters on the front?

Ro said...

Happy Anniversary! Paul and I just celebrated our 2nd on August 20th -we are such amateurs compared to you guys! :)

Currier Quinn Balent said...

S- Thanks. My friend (Deb Kehs) who was studying photography took all our wedding photos. All the pics were candid fun shots and not one of them a serious pose! :)

K,N&E- Thanks. We're looking forward to moving back to the USA and hopefully getting our sons together for a wild play date!

K- Thanks. No, my sunglasses didn't have paint splatters on them! We got married in 1997 not 1987 for Christ sakes! :)

R- Thanks. Yup, you're total amateurs until you make it past the seven year itch! :)

The Waggoners said...

that is beautiful Coleen. Happy ten years!!! You guys are two of the finest people I know. This pic is absolutely gorgeous! Was it taken then or now? You both look the same. Love ya friends and congratulations on a life full of love, joy and laughter!