Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Buon Compleanno Paolo!

Since we really don't know Paolo's actual birthday, we celebrate the day my parents found him. Yesterday we threw Paolo a little surprise party for his unofficial birthday. I really think he was genuinely surprised!
It was two years ago that my parents found Paolo all skin and bones with his mouth taped shut in a boat yard near Portopalo. Salvatore, the boat rental guy, said that Paolo had been hit by a truck and had a broken jaw, hence the mouth taped shut. Mom cried and cried until Dad agreed to take the puppy home. The vet warned my parents that Paolo might not make it through the week. Paolo had an advanced respiratory infection and his nose was so badly deformed that he could barely breathe, but with lots of love and special care (two operations, nebulizer treatments and countless medications—Dad calls Paolo the €1000 free dog!) here he is two years later! We couldn't imagine our family without this little guy. Happy birthday sweet Paolo!


sognatrice said...

Auguri Paolino!

What a rough start he had--my little Luna was hit by a car, too, before we got her. By her owner! Needless to say, I think she has it better here with us ;)

Currier Quinn Balent said...

Sognatrice... If I remember correctly, didn't Luna's previous owner also call her "nothing". Ohh, she has it WAY better with you!