Thursday, January 10, 2008

12 Hours Before Our Flight Takes Off

And Paolo gets into some poisonous mushrooms at the pet potty area outside the Navy Lodge. Paolo had explosive diarrhea, was foaming at the mouth and breathing heavy. Mom called Meagan in hysterics and Meagan rushed Mom and Paolo to the emergency vet in Motta (the same vet that saved Paolo's life when he was hit by the car!). We really thought we were going to lose him... again! Paolo is on an IV drip in the hotel room and should be feeling better in the morning... just in time to be put in a kennel that will go in the baggage compartment on three separate flights that will eventually get us all to Charleston after 26 hours of traveling. UGH! Poor Paolo!


Anonymous said...

Poor little Paolo!! I febreezed the car sooo hopefully it will be poopysmell free for our adventure to the airport in the morning!!

Already stuffed my pockets full of tissues :*(

Love, Meagan

Kat said...

:( poor baby....