Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pasta Alla Norma

On Friday, we went to Pizzeria Donna Fortunata in Motta for dinner. Dad has picked up pizza from here several times, but we've never sat inside for dinner. What a shame we just discovered this little gem with only a few weeks left in Sicily. Most restaurants in Sicily are kid friendly but this place was ridiculous! The cook took me into the kitchen and showed me how pizza is made and he even let me knead some dough. The waitress encouraged my parents to let me run around so they could enjoy their dinner. And the owner chased me around and kept teasing to steal my toy cars. In addition to the fantastic atmosphere, the food was delicious. I had the Pasta Alla Norma, which is a typical Sicilian pasta dish with eggplant and tomato sauce. My parents both got pizza, which of course was great because it's pretty difficult for an Italian to screw up pizza (except for that burnt pea pizza- Auntie Cherly Lee Ski, Aunt Carrie and Aunt Hilde all know what I'm talking about!). The best thing about Pizzeria Donna Fortunata is that they actually have Guinness and several German beers on draft! I'm not kidding! Why is it that we discover such beauty too late?


Anonymous said...

SAAAAAAAAY WHAT??? The Guiny on draft?? How could I not have known about this?? My Guiny Radar must be on the fritz!! Currier your mommy needs to teach you how to properly pour a Guiny when you get a little older.. its pure science, ART I tell you!! Well, at least I know where to go when ya'll leave me to get to drown my sorrows!!

Love, Meagan

Kerri said...

Hopefully you will find restaurants like that in Charleston.

Currier Quinn Balent said...

Meagan, Let's hit this place for a few pints before we leave.

Kerri, I hope so! If not, there's always Chuckie Cheese! :)