Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Whole Lotta Ricotta

This morning, Bina took me and several other children she babysits to a farm near her house to see the sheep and watch how ricotta cheese is made. We spent too much time looking at the sheep (baa baa) and missed the ricotta making process that was going on inside the barn. Bina still explained the process to us.
The fresh sheep’s milk is added to the “caglio”, a substance produced from the lining of a sheep's stomach (Those are sheep stomachs hanging behind Bina and I), which causes the milk to thicken. The cheese maker continuously stirs the pot until the top layer begins to clot. After skimming a little off the top, the steaming, chunky ricotta is ready to eat.
We all sat down outside and ate the ricotta the Sicilian way- by the spoonful with bread. It was thick, salty, and strong in a sweet sort of way. It was tasty and the experience was fun!

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