Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eleven Months Old Today... April 19th 2007

This month was monumental! I learned how to walk and then I learned how to crawl in the traditional way rather than on my belly. I know! I did things a little backwards. Now that I’m fully mobile, my parents are on 24 hour alert. I move lickety split and I am attracted to all things that are dangerous or fragile. Our guest room is quickly filling up with all those “things”, so if you plan to visit we hope you can find the bed! My babysitter, Bina, says that I am molto l'independent and my parents can’t argue with that. I do not like to be spoon fed baby food, so Mom and Dad chop big people food into tiny bite size pieces and I am happy feeding myself (and the dogs!). I tap my feet or bounce up and down when I hear music. I clap when I’m excited. I squeal in delight when I see kids. I smile at strangers. I flirt with pretty women. I crack up laughing over the most random things… sneezes, the word “zoom”, and dogs howling. I’m growing up so fast that my mom keeps asking, “Where did my little baby go?!”

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Currier! That red bear is getting smaller all the time! -Jett