Sunday, November 19, 2006

Six Months Old Today... November 19th 2006

This month I learned how to make funny fart noises by sticking out my tongue and blowing—I can do this for hours because the sound is so entertaining. I'm finally starting to grow some hair but you can't tell because it's blonde! I’m now an old pro at rolling over and I can almost sit up on my own. I’m drooling so much now that a bib has become a normal part of my outfit. I can’t stop putting my hands, my toys, my blankets, and my bibs in my mouth. Mom has been prepping me for my first meal by giving me a few teaspoons of rice cereal every morning. I can’t wait to start eating solids—Bring it on!

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Ro said...

Happy 6th month birthday Currier! Your halfway to one!