Sunday, August 20, 2006

Three Months Old Today... August 19, 2006

Am I getting bigger or is Teddy getting smaller?


Kat :) said...

What a CUTIE!! : ) YOu guys look like you are having so much fun! HAPPY THREE MONTH OLD BIRTHDAY Currier! Love you guys! Enjoy Sicily for me....

connie said...

colleen...i finally found you. its connie...your old trainer. i have googled you a few times over the years but i guess it took you having a kid (and a very cute one at that).
as for me?... i'm a grandma...called mi mi. she will be 1 yr in oct.
loving italy? we are in florida...rather be in italy
if i had to choose an all time favorite client, it would have to be you. i had so much fun during your hour of training i should have been the one paying you!
i usually think of you when i vacuum, and count the sweeps in 3's!
you all look wonderful and happy!i probably wont remember how to get into my newly made up profile (which i had to do just to contact you), so use my aol address if you choose to catch up.

Holly Peveler said...

Coleen, I see you have already taught Currier how to pose for pictures.....mouth wide open, just like his Mommy! He gets cuter every day!